Why Us?

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Training modeled by experienced trainers and coaches
  • Speed up the learning process by leveraging the experience learned at many organizations
  • Enable your internal transformation teams
  • Give your coaches mentoring that goes beyond any certification or class
  • Support in developing a lean-agile internal coaching practice
  • Access to expert coaches on-call
  • Know what it takes to be a great coach and identify excellent candidates inside and outside of your organization
  • Access to a team of seasoned professional coaches, trainers, facilitators, and speakers
  • Valuable insights for agile leaders to differentiate coaching vs. managing teams
  • Gain the insight and understanding from hundreds of agile implementations 
  • Learn the latest strategies in adult learning and brain based approaches to learning
  • Leverage our experience in launching and transforming your business while we help you build out your own agile success program
  • Be a part of our online agile coaching community
  • World class mentoring and coaching for lean-agile leaders
  • Reduce your reliance on external expertise for your ongoing agile transformations

AgileFire’s “Why?“

'We help individuals unlock greatness in themselves and their organizations – so that together we can make our world a better place.'

What We Do…

  • We ignite the passion for change.
  • We inspire, equip, and empower individuals to fight apathy and rethink the way they work.
  • We bring vital awareness to the sense of urgency required for systemic and sustained transformation.
  • We provide foundational knowledge to teams of teams for improving sustainable speed to market.

How We Do It…

  • By coaching, training, and consulting all levels of the organization (end to end) on lean agile thinking
  • By showing organizations how to continuously align
  • By inspiring and encouraging leadership to unlock the intrinsic motivation of autonomy, purpose, and mastery in individuals.
  • And, by establishing a mindset of continuous experimentation and innovation.

Our Leadership Team

Joshua Aragon


Co-Founder / VP of Training Services

Ian Merwin


Co-Founder / VP of Transformation Services