AgileFire® Enterprise Coaching Practice Advisory Program

Build Your Own Internal Coaching Program

Whether your business has been doing agile for a week, a month, or a decade, the need for highly experienced and qualified coaches is paramount to the success of your business. 

As former Rally Software coaches our team and program level coaches are the best when it comes to agile coaching. 

You’ve done your best to hire the most talented and qualified people for your teams. 

AgileFire is your partner when you’re ready for our coaches to help steer your organization in the right direction!

AgileFire will work with you to build your own internal coaching practice.  

  • ACOE (Agile Center of Excellence)
  • LACE (Lean-Agile Center of Excellence)
  • LASP (AgileFire Lean Agile Success Program)

Agile Coaching Program Benefits:

  • Training modeled by experienced trainers and coaches
  • Speed up the learning process by leveraging the experience learned at many organizations
  • Enable your internal transformation teams
  • Give your coaches mentoring that goes beyond any certification or class
  • Support in developing a lean-agile internal coaching practice
  • Access to expert coaches on-call
  • Know what it takes to be a great coach and identify excellent candidates inside and outside of your organization
  • Access to a team of seasoned professional coaches, trainers, facilitators and speakers
  • Valuable insights for agile leaders to differentiate coaching vs. managing teams
  • Gain the insight and understanding from hundreds of agile implementations 
  • We work alongside your coaches to equip and mentor them as we launch and transform your organization so they have the confidence to do it over and over again
  • Learn the latest strategies in adult learning and brain based approaches to learning
  • Leverage our experience to launch and transform while we help you build out your own coaching team
  • Learn proven coaching and facilitation techniques
  • Be a part of our online agile coaching community
  • World class mentoring and coaching for lean-agile leaders
  • Reduce your reliance on external expertise for your ongoing agile transformations

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